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2nd Annual Voices for Victims Fundraiser

Join us for a special happy hour event at the Knights of Columbus in Newington, CT on Saturday, October 14, 2017 for the 2nd Annual Voices for Victims Fundraiser and help us raise funds to enhance our Veterans for Victims program. With your help, we can empower more domestic violence victims with tools and resources, engage more veterans within our communities, and continue to raise awareness about domestic violence.

The decision to feel after a lifetime of disassociation.

I woke up from another nightmare this morning. Before the alarm clock. Just close enough for me to not be able to fall back asleep, not that I’d want to, for fear of seeing this night’s “bad guy” waiting behind my eyelids. I’m exhausted. The kind of exhaustion that comes from spinning your emotional wheels […]

Valentines Day 2017

To be soft. In a world that is hard. In a world that will shake you to your core and leave you a shell of a person, in tatters. For someone who has survived severe trauma this sounds like an impossible task. It feels like exposing every major artery after almost bleeding out, once before. […]

You Are Enough

There I was, at a dinner like any other. Something we had done so many times before. Sitting in a daze of the phrase, “You are enough”. Maybe it was the way that he held my hands and looked into my eyes when he said it. Maybe it was the fact that I know he […]

A Letter To The Man Who Molested Me:

Part of me wants to write so I can spill this out of me and leave it. Almost like I can remove it from myself as I type these words. Part of me doesn’t want to write at all, but curl up in a ball on my couch in a comfy hoodie, covered in a […]

A Gaggle of Geese Cross the Road

Yesterday, as I was driving into Middletown on Rt. 9 S, I saw a gaggle of geese in the process of waddling their way across three lanes of highway. They were trying to cross from the right, over to the median on the left. I can only assume that they were going to traverse the […]

Surviving Domestic Violence- Rebuilding Life Through Art.

I am thrilled to support two amazing women and Sister Survivors, Ewa Grochowska and Vanessa Stevens, by attending an upcoming art expo and luncheon. The Power of Purple campaign is presenting Surviving Domestic Violence- Rebuilding Life Through Art. The event will take place at the Holiday Inn, 10 Laurel Blvd., Norwich, CT., starting at 10am. The […]

I was carrying the weight of all I had been through. I physically took it on.  I was helping, experiencing, giving, going through, pushing past & overcoming so many major life events without thinking about myself. I forgot how to be kind to myself, how to forgive myself, how to take care of myself. And […]