Surviving Domestic Violence- Rebuilding Life Through Art.

I am thrilled to support two amazing women and Sister Survivors, Ewa Grochowska and Vanessa Stevens, by attending an upcoming art expo and luncheon. The Power of Purple campaign is presenting Surviving Domestic Violence- Rebuilding Life Through Art. The event will take place at the Holiday Inn, 10 Laurel Blvd., Norwich, CT., starting at 10am. The cost is $36.00 per person. For more information visit or call (860) 884-8945.

I asked the lovely ladies to share a few things about the event and what it means to them. Here’s what they had to say:

My name is Ewa Grochowska, on April 4, 2012 I went from being a victim to a survivor of Domestic Violence. This does not define me but it has molded me into the person that I am today. In December 2013 I created Freedom4Ewa to advocate for all of us who have been affected by domestic violence. I volunteer my time with children living in domestic violence shelters by providing them with art
programs. I use a portion of the proceeds from my artwork sales to purchase the art supplies.

Currently, I have art programs at Safe Futures in New London, CT and Prudence Crandall Center in New Britain, CT. I am heavily involved in continuously reaching out and working to advocate for the domestic violence community. Because of my motivation and continuous efforts I have had the opportunity to speak at high-schools, universities, to individuals and non-profit organizations, newspapers, news stations and initiating campaigns where I share my story of abuse and survival to spread awareness. I share my story to reach out to other victims and survivors so they know they are not alone. I want to inspire others and give them strength to move on from their abusive pasts. It is my life’s mission to end domestic violence by doing preventative work and spreading awareness!

My ceramic sculptures come from a place within me that is much deeper and intimate than I can explain in words. The ideas are pulled from my personal life experiences and deal with love, hurt, my heart, my mind, my body, and soul. It is a way for me to take all of the pain that I have experienced in life and bring beautiful artwork with deep meaning to the world. The pieces that I produce signify strength and beauty. The strength my pieces convey is something I have personally regained after surviving years of abuse. My art has evolved into a symbol of love, with a strong, positive message of survival and determination. Each individual piece of sculpture represents a part of the survival process that I myself have conjoined with the love of art–specifically sculpting. Each piece evokes a stage in the healing process of surviving domestic violence. I am using my artistic abilities to introduce art into the lives of children that are survivors of domestic violence. The process of producing my art is very layered and emotional, as is every aspect of my life. I take a simple wheel-thrown bowl, and turn it into a sign of strength by sculpting withered flower pedals that breathe life from within.


The survival and recovery of Domestic violence is a crucial part of where I am mentally, physically and spiritually in life today.
Since the Safe Futures luncheon event focuses on the healing power of art, I’m honored to be a part.  Healing through music was the foundation of my personal survivor/thriver story. It is humbling any time I am to be referred to as a role model for other survivors if that is one way they become inspired.
I want nothing more than my project to be a resource for survivors, service providers, and future thrivers.
I continue blogging, and submitting my articles and short stories about women or overcoming abuse. First songwriting, singing and now writing has been a talent of mine, and what worth is our life if we don’t exhaust our gifts and talents by giving them back through serving others? I know without a doubt I will continue supporting causes that support awareness and prevention, and the work people like you Sarah, and Ewa are doing.  Thank YOU.
Vanessa Stevens
The Purple Song Project Inspiring survivors of abuse it is possible to thrive  and to find freedom within
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